A landing page is a web page that displays after an advert or promotion are clicked on. These pages can be linked to email, social media, or search engine marketing campaigns.

Landing pages are built with one motive in mind

To persuade visitors to take one desired action. The action could either convert visitors into a lead or a sale. If the aim is to convert a visitor into a lead, contact details (usually an email address) are requested via a form. If the goal is to convert a visitor into a sale, a shopping cart or checkout out page is linked to the call to action.

The difference between a home page and a landing page

Landing pages are more specific than home pages and have a precise focus. Home pages welcome visitors to the website, showcases services, or highlight products. Also, home pages have links to the other pages on the site, several call-to-actions, and navigation bars.

An example: You may run an e-commerce store with many products to sell. Your home page may highlight your best-selling products or top sellers. The landing page will focus on only one product.

Creating effective landing pages

The best landing pages are crafted with enticing offers that the target audience cannot refuse. Think about the way your audience would and place yourself in their shoes. Ask yourself what would engage you most if you arrived at a landing page.

Here are some tips to create an effective landing page:

  • Effective call-to-action: It is important to use one clear call to action. The use of many call-to-actions will divert the reader’s attention from the main objective. Call to actions should stand out by using various design elements such as using a different coloured button. Place your call to action above the fold so that it is visible.
  • Highlight value and benefits: Customers do not care about your awesome product; they examine the value or benefit of the product as well as the need to solve their problem. Convince customers that your product provides the benefits that they seek.
  • Create a captivating header: The header is the first thing people see when they reach your landing page. Your header should grab their attention, be clear, concise, and without jargon.
  • Deliver consistent branding: After clicking on your advert, customers will expect to see a similar type of branding on your landing page. If your landing page branding is different from your advert, it will create confusion and they will think that they are in the wrong place.
  • Design engaging content: Content should be short and to the point. Longer content tends to disinterest people. Add images instead of videos to capture their attention. Videos are known to distract the viewer from your call-to-action. Make sure that your content is error-free. Nothing destroys credibility more than poorly written copy that is full of typos or grammatical mistakes.
  • Accessible contact details: Make it simple for visitors to reach you and include various contact methods. People get frustrated easily if they cannot find contact details.
  • Build short simple forms: Do not ask for too much information and do not ask for personal information. The lead form should be quick to fill in as readers may not complete a form if they see too many fields. The basics to request are full name, email address, and company name. Asking for personal information such as identity number or home address may ward them off and may cause distrust.
  • Test your landing pages: Create different landing pages and use A/B testing to determine which pages are converting or performing the best. Headlines, call to actions, imagery, and colour variations are elements that you could try testing.

“When too many options are presented, visitors typically will just click on one of the first few links available, hoping it’s what they need. If not, guess what? They split.”

– Stoney deGeyter

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