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Online Public Relations

Online Public Relations (PR) is a powerful link-building tactic that involves the creation and distribution of informative content to media partners. The purpose of online PR is to secure coverage that links back to your website, thereby improving your SEO and overall search rankings on Google. 

Why you need Online PR?


Online PR helps you reach your target audience by featuring your business on the websites they visit, and the social media accounts they love. By creating and distributing clear, informative, and relevant content that speaks to your target audience, your business stands a really good chance of being found by people that are searching for your offerings on Google.

After your content is published on high authority websites that link to your site, your website starts to rank higher in search engine results. As your search results increase, you become more visible on Google, and your website traffic starts to grow.

In addition to the above, Online PR can help you to build credibility, enhance your business reputation, increase your brand awareness, and can establish your business as an authoritative source.

How we can help you?

Develop your target media lists

After your target audience is selected, we create a relevant media list using our current database of partners, identify influencers (if you select this option), networkers, etc. We prioritise publications with high domain authority and the ones that will enhance your search results then disseminate your content accordingly.

Dissemination to media

Over the past years, we have developed strong relationships with various media partners, influencers, and journalists to ensure that your story reaches a wide audience. We manage the dissemination of your purposefully planned and executed messages to these media partners.

Preparing digital press releases

We can write a new press release for your business and include details such as references, and reviews. We also conduct interviews on your behalf. Alternatively, we can optimise your current press release, so that it easily found online, by using the correct keywords and adding links to your website.

Create meaningful content, not ads

We generate rich user-specific content that tells a relevant story rather than creating repetitive advertisements or sales pitches. This tactic sparks interest and keeps your audience engaged with your content for a longer period, instead of them blocking an advertisement instantly. 

Integrate PR with social channels

We help you reach a larger audience quickly and effectively by integrating your PR campaign with your social media channels. Social media helps you develop professional relationships with your audience, strengthens your brand message, increases your brand awareness, and allows others to share and mention your business in posts.

Track media placements

We can keep track of your online coverage by using a media monitoring platform. These analytics provides us with insights on how your business is performing and being mentioned in the digital media. This type of information can be used to manage your online reputation, and to measure your business against others in your industry.

Enhancing your online media relations

We realign brands, reposition products, and bring companies into the spotlight. But how do we do it? With the right stories and press releases, we help your business dominate its market.

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