Confused about creating a website or blog for your business? Here are some tips that will help with your decision:

The main difference between a website and a blog is the format in which data is presented.

What is a website?

A website is a collection of pages that provide information. Examples of pages include home, services, products, about, contact, etc. These pages are designed in a professional and formal tone. Websites are best used for businesses to create their online presence, advertise their products, provide business information, and sell goods to customers.

What is a blog?

Blog, short for weblog, is a collection of content-related posts. A blog is informal, conversational, and provides informative content in the form of articles (posts). Blogs are intended for writing about compelling topics and new material consistently. This is why several news-oriented websites are moving toward blogs. A blog’s purpose is not to advertise or sell to anyone.

All Blogs are Websites, but all Websites are not Blogs.

Which is the best option for Search Engine Optimisation?

Google loves blogs. Blog posts are indexed faster than website pages due to the regularly posted content. Keep in mind that quality versus quantity, it is purely effective when you publish quality content that people are interested in reading.

Give your clients the experience of having both

Create a website with a built-in blog. Publish company information using your website and incorporate articles within your blog. Each time you write a blog post, it is one more indexed page on Google i.e. one more opportunity for you to appear in search engines and drive traffic to your website. It is important to host your blog on your website so that the domain name is constant.

Potential customers, who find your blog post on the internet, will be directed to your website where they can learn more about your business. This will, in turn, drive more traffic to your website. If you are consistently creating content that’s helpful and useful, people will return for more. This technique builds trust and authority. It will position you as a thought leader and not only a provider of services or products.

Define your online goals before determining which option is best suited for your business. If creating content regularly and lack of time is a concern, you should begin with a website. Blogs are more cost-efficient to build compared to a website and for this reason, people hastily create blogs then find out it is not always the best solution for their business needs in the long run.


“Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose.”

– Charles Eames

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