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Digital Analytics

Digital analytics involves the collection, interpretation, and analysis of data collected from your online marketing activity. The reason for executing an analysis is to make informed business decisions, to see if the business is reaching its objectives, and to improve customer experience.

Why you need Digital Analytics?


The digital analysis produces data that reveals how visitors are finding and interacting with your website and online marketing.

It can help you determine which marketing channels are not performing so that you can decide whether to increase efforts there or decide if the content would be better used on a higher-performing channel.

Digital analytics offers you ways to gather key insights and more accurately quantify the return on investments of your campaigns.

Completing an analysis will also help to plan and execute an effective, comprehensive digital marketing strategy that will ultimately generate qualified leads.

How we can help you?

Website analytics

We analyse your audience data and how your audience interacts with your website. Some of the metrics include the number of people that visited your website, how (from which channels) they arrived on your site, their location, which devices and browsers were used, and plenty more.

Search engine optimisation analysis

We perform a technical audit of your website together with an assessment of your search engine results history and identify how you can optimise your website for search engine bots. The insights gained from this analysis give you direction on how to deliver a better user experience for your audience.

Social media analysis

We get the insights you need to understand your performance across your channels. Some of the metrics include post reaches, video views, interactions, best times to post, and more. Our evaluation reveals which aspects are working and provide insight into which areas you can improve upon.

Competitor analysis

You cannot beat your competition if you do not know what they are doing. Our research includes a comprehensive analysis of your competitor’s website, their search engine results history as well as basic social media information (social results depend on what your competitors share publicly).

Evaluate your search engine presence

We review your website and provide you with a free and basic search engine optimisation report that includes recommendations on what you can improve. Fill out this form, and we will send your report to you within two working days.

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Get actionable insights

Get in touch today to track, benchmark, and optimise your digital marketing performance with advanced analytics made easy. Our reports are clear, comprehensive, and easy to understand.

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